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A effective counseling relationship consists of an emotional bond of trust, caring, and respect; agreement on the goals of therapy; and collaboration on the "work" or tasks of the treatment.


Dr. Cook has almost two decades worth of experience in working with adolescents and young adults.  She has   a casual and friendly style to help you feel open and trusting in the therapeutic process. By working together you will  feel safe in honesty, empowered with knowledge and skills, and prepared to boldly live a rhythm of life where you can find congruence in mind, heart, body, and soul.  

Dr. Stephanie Cook is a highly trained clinician in systems theory, CBT, and human development.  This means that she can help you to better understand  your current life stage which will empower you to see the effect that your own thoughts and behaviors in your "life systems." This type of work can sometimes bring immediate relief and congruence in areas of your life.  Sometimes this type of work can create an opportunity to bring others in your life system-  into alignment with your self-discovery and health.

She will work with you to understand and help you to achieve  the goals that you have for therapy and to feel in control of your life trajectory.


Work-Life Integrations

Executive/Leadership Role Challenges
Relationship Challenges
Failure to Launch
School Problems
College Planning and Transition to College
Family Issues
Self Advocacy
Life Transitions

Biblically Based, Christian Counseling


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Dr. Cook is licensed therapist and school counselor.  She has almost twenty years of experience working with young people and families navigating adjustments and transition.  She currently serves at the Managing Director of Guidance and Counseling for Frisco ISD and has a passion for supporting counseling professionals to create healthy habits for communities of wellness.


Dr. Cook has worked as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University and her alma mater, Dallas Baptist University. She has previously served on the board for Life Path of Collin County, SMU's Counseling Advisory Board, and the SMU/TEA Advisory Board, and on the Lone Star State School Counseling Association as the Director of Leadership Training and Development.

"My passion is helping people to discover themselves, and in doing so, feeling empowered to take charge of their trajectory and future." 

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